The boxes you create or save with the MyTvOnline application work with the following three configuration methods:

  • Portal (Portal) with the address registered on the coast of your IPTV provider.
  • Xtreme Codes Api (XC Court) with identification and accuracy of fit.
  • Lien M3U.

Configuration of the portal on MyTvOnline

Once you have taken out an IPTV subscription, you will receive access authorization to the portal (portal) for use, which you integrate into the MyTvOnline application. For example :

Your MAC address must be registered on the server on our coast (To register, you must re-enter the MAC address of your box form Z/S. It starts at 00:1A:79: …).

Configuration on MyTvOnline 1:

Allez dans MyTvOnline > Menu > Portals -> Modifier le portal (voir vidéo)

Configuration on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Open a portal (see image) and click on “Connecter”.

Configuration MyTvOnline Xtream codes

For this difference, it is not necessary to register the MAC address, just enter the connection details (username and password). They turned to these données.

Let’s say you’re a woman, for example:

Portal: Usage name: abcdef and passwords: 123456.

Portal title: iptv
Portal URL:
Login required? Yes, you can activate it.
Usage name: abcdef
Pass: 123456

Configuration of Xtream codes on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Portals > Portal Modifier

Configuring Xtream codes on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Open a portal and go to “Connecter”.

Configuration of M3U links on MyTvOnline

The URL of the M3U playlists differ significantly and also contain longer time periods such as Portal or XC codes (Xtream codes).

If you get the URL M3U, you can adapt it to the following example:

The XML URL of the GEP must correspond to this example: “

Configuration playlist M3U on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Playlist -> Playlist modifier

Configuration playlist M3U on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Lecture lists > Add a lecture list and apply to the connection.


We recommend using the second method Xtream Codes with our IPTV subscriptions. This method allows you to use your subscription on other devices such as smartphones, tablets or devices.

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