This audio format AC3 is not supported

In this guide, you will learn how to fix “This audio format AC3 is not supported” error.

Most of the users encounter this error while using it MX player in conjunction with free streaming applications such as Terrarium TV. You try to play a movie or TV show in the application and notice that the video plays fine but there is no sound.

This does not occur with all videos, only those that use AC3 audio.

The reason why this error occurs is that MX Player does not support AC3 audio in the codec installed with the application. A codec is a computer program that compresses and decompresses digital audio for a specific audio file.

To fix this issue, you need to install another codec that supports AC3 audio in MX Player.

If the following tutorial doesn’t work for you, you are most likely using an older version of MX Player. I created a shortcut on my server pointing to the latest stable version. You can find these here. You can use this shortcut to install MX Player via popular apps like Downloader and ES File Explorer.

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How to fix “AC3 audio format is not supported” error in MX Player

Video instructions

Screenshot instructions

tvdarija Tip: Watch the video tutorial above for step-by-step instructions and important details not shown in the screenshot instructions below.

1 – Open MX Player, go to Settings and click Decoder.

Click DecoderClick Decoder

2 – Scroll down and note the type of codec you are using – in this example it is Neon.

Make note of the codec typeMake note of the codec type

3 – Open ES File Explorer and launch Download Manager, located in the Tools category.

Note: ES File Explorer now charges for its app. Learn how to get the modified free premium app through our ES File Explorer Firestick Tutorial.

Launch the Download ManagerLaunch the Download Manager

4 – Download the new codec by adding a new source by clicking on the + New icon below and entering the following URL based on your particular codec type that you noted down in step 2.

Neon –

Neon 64 bit – 64

X86 –


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X86 64bit – 64

Download codecDownload codec

5 – Open MX Player, go back to Settings/Decoder, scroll down and click Custom Codec. Then select the codec you downloaded in step 4. You may also notice that MX Player automatically detects the new codec when you launch the application and you can also select it from this prompt

Choose a new codec from the list in MX PlayerChoose a new codec from the list in MX Player

You can now play AC3 audio files via MX Player and enjoy the sound.

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