We all know how much IPTV services have impressed the present generation. As of now, there are ‘n’ number of IPTV services available in each country, and it is the same in the case of the Netherlands. Confusion will definitely arise in choosing the finest IPTV, and that’s why we have come up with a list of the best IPTV services for the Netherlands by comparing various aspects. So go through each heading and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Why Choose IPTV over Satellite/Cable Services?

Choosing IPTV services over satellite or cable connections will save you hundreds of dollars. Also, IPTV services are cross-platform supported and can be accessed on various types of devices like TVs, smartphones, computers, etc. Another important reason is IPTV offers thousands of VOD content like movies and series along with live TV channels, which is impossible for cable/satellite services. These factors make IPTV a predominant choice for watching TV.

What are the IPTV Compatible Devices?

IPTV services are preferred for their ability to support a diverse variety of streaming devices. Some of the major devices in which IPTVs can work are Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Firestick, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV, MAG box, Enigma 2, NVIDIA Shield, Kodi, Formular, etc.

List of Best IPTV Services in the Netherlands

IPTV NameNo. of ChannelsBasic SubscriptionFree TrialNo of ConnectionWebsite Link
Magic IPTV9,000$10UD2Click here
IPTV Rapid54,000 €12NA1Click here
iViewHD IPTV1,000+$203 days4Click here
Sens IPTV6,500€945 days1Click here
Vevoor IPTV22,000€1212 hours for €11Click here
Popular IPTV50,000€8.9912 hours1Click here
IPTV Trends19,000$50.9924 hours1Click here
IPTV Wide 1,60,000 €12NA1Click here
Turk IPTV17,000€60NA1Click here
WorldTVFlex21,000+$11.9924 hours for $4.994Click here

Magic IPTV


Magic IPTV entertains you with popular TV channels and on-demand titles at a cheaper cost. It is a reliable IPTV provider, and its channel and VOD library cover almost all the major categories. Its users are allowed to access Pay-Per-View (PPV) events as well. You can watch more than 9,000 live TV channels and 16,000 movies and series in 4K quality. Even content from popular streaming platforms is gettable within this IPTV. Most of its channels are in Full HD, and you can watch your favorite channels of the Netherlands in the best possible quality.

Popular Genres: Music, Sports, Entertainment, News, etc.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, Mac, and more.

Payment Methods: PayPal, credit, and debit cards.

Key Features of Magic IPTV

  • Provides regular and free updates
  • Includes content from Netflix
  • Supports 4K streaming
  • Instant activation
  • Fast zapping

Subscription Plans

Package DurationCost
1 month$10
3 months$18
6 months$26
12 months$40 for 1 device
$60 for 2 devices
15 months$50
24 months$70

IPTV Rapid

IPTV Rapid

IPTV Rapid brings you over 54,000 channels at a rapid speed and never misses out on delivering any of the top channels of the Netherlands. You are free to access all of its channels and a large selection of VOD content like movies, TV series, and sports events with its subscription. Everything within the IPTV is available in 4K, Ultra HD, and HD quality. You don’t have to worry about missing your favorite sports match or TV program live, as IPTV offers an awesome catchup feature. No matter whatever streaming device you use, the IPTV works on it.

Popular Genres: Sports, News, Cartoon, Movie, Series, Adult, and more.

Compatible Devices: iOS, Apple TV, Mac, Android, Windows, Roku, Android, Samsung & LG Smart TVs, MAG, Firestick.

Payment Methods: Only PayPal.

Key Features of IPTV Rapid

  • Offers EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • Free channel & VOD updates
  • Antifreeze technology

Subscription Plans

PlanTime SpanCost
Basic1 month€12
Gold3 months€25
Premium6 months€40
Premium VIP1 year€65



iViewHD IPTV is an authentic IPTV provider that has been on the market since 2015. It includes 1000+ international TV channels and a VOD section with 3000+ latest movies & TV shows in HD quality. The IPTV doesn’t fail to deliver any sports event happening around the world, be it international or regional level. It is regarded as one of the best IPTV services of all time and has been used for a long time in many homes. You can enjoy watching this IPTV without any buffering or freezing, thanks to its solid servers. You can also catch up with live telecasts that you’ve missed for up to 7 days. If you are a Dutch who prefers quality over quantity, then this IPTV is for you.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Documentary, News, Sports, Lifestyle.

Compatible Devices: Android, Firestick, Formuler, Smart TV, Enigma2, iOS, Windows, Mac.

Payment Methods: Credit and debit card payments are accepted.

Key Features of iViewHD IPTV

  • Multiple connections support
  • Catchup facility up to 7 days
  • Provides TV guide (EPG)
  • PVR recording function
  • It has a favorites section

Subscription Plans

iView HD Packages

1 monthUS$ 19.99
3 monthsUS$ 49.99
6 monthsUS$ 79.99
12 monthsUS$ 139.99

iView HD Plus Packages

1 monthUS$ 32.99
3 monthsUS$ 79.99
6 monthsUS$ 129.99
12 monthsUS$ 199.99

IPTV Family Packages (12 months)

PlanNo of ConnectionsPrice
Family Package #12US$ 284.98
Family Package #23US$ 369.97
Family Package #34US$ 449.96
Family Package #4 (Standard)Conditions applyUS$ 229.98



This IPTV fetches 6500+ live TV channels to your streaming device. But you should consider channels as secondary because this IPTV is well known for its VOD offerings. It offers 85000+ movies and TV shows in high streaming quality. The main highlight of Sens IPTV is you can get channels and content in 11 different languages like English, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, etc. PPV sports can also be watched. The IPTV providers ensure 99.9% uptime and broadcast the best TV channels from 65 countries along with the Netherlands.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Music, Sports, News, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android (TV & smartphone), iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Kodi, MAG, Amazon firestick.

Payment Methods: Pay through credit and debit cards.

Key Features of Sens IPTV

  • Available in 11 different languages
  • Anti-freeze technology
  • 24/7 support service
  • Includes PPV events

Subscription Plans

PlanCostFree Trial
1 month€9NA
3 months€2315 Days
6 months€4030 Days
12 months€5945 Days

Vevoor IPTV


If there is an IPTV service that that checks all the criteria boxes of users, then it would be Vevoor IPTV for sure. Vevoor IPTV gives you access to 22,000 international live channels, which cover almost all the existing genres. Its VOD library is heavier than the channel library and holds 90,000 movies and TV shows. All qualities of channels and content, such as 4K/Full HD/HD/SD, are available. There is no chance for you to miss the streaming of any events or TV shows that are trending currently. Thus Vevoor IPTV is the best choice not only for people in the Netherlands.

Popular Genres: News, Entertainment, Sports, and more.

Compatible Devices: Android (TV & mobile), Firestick, Windows, Mac.

Payment Methods: Making payments is possible through PayPal, cards, Payoneer, bank transfer, and Wise.

Key Features of Vevoor IPTV

  • Separate packages for NBA, NHL & NFL
  • Daily updates for its library
  • It has highly stable servers
  • 4K streaming is possible
  • EPG support

Subscription Plans

1 month€12
3 months€19
6 months€29
1 year€42
2 years€65

The name itself demonstrates the character of this IPTV. It is tough to find a list of the best IPTV for a country without the Popular IPTV’s name. It is such a popular IPTV service and is available in more than 60 countries. Popular IPTV is a carrier of 50,000 channels and 12,000+ VOD in 4K, FHD, HD, 1080p, and 720p quality. It is one of the few IPTV services that offer 3D content & support 4K. This IPTV offers two types of subscription packages in the name of Basic & Premium IPTV. Channels of the Netherlands are included in the Premium IPTV package.

Popular Genres: Sports, Movies, Entertainment, and more.

Compatible Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, MAG, Android, LG & Samsung Smart TVs.

Payment Methods: Accepts credit/debit card and PayPal payments.

Key Features of Popular IPTV

  • Holds 3D content in the VOD library
  • Available in 60 countries
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Fast Streaming

Subscription Plans

Basic IPTV

1 month€8.99
3 months€20.99
6 months€34
12 months€50

Premium IPTV

1 month€13
3 months€30
6 months€50
12 months€90
IPTV Trends

This is yet another IPTV service that regularly features in any country’s best IPTV listing. IPTV Trends is a leading IPTV service provider that broadcasts 19,000 TV channels and an impressive library of Video-on-demand titles. Its VOD collection counts nearly 56,000 and includes movies and TV shows. In addition, you can enjoy watching sports events, concerts, and pay-per-view events also. You’ll definitely enjoy uninterrupted streaming due to the 99% uptime of its servers. Channels of the IPTV are sorted based on countries, and there is a separate section for Netherlands channels as well.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Family & Kids shows.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Kodi, MAG, Windows, Mac, Firestick, Smart TV.

Payment Methods: Credit and debit cards.

Key Features of IPTV Trends

  • Anti-Freezing technology
  • Frequent server updates
  • No IP Location Lock
  • Supports 4K & HD

Subscription Plans

PlanActivation TimeCost
Economy3 months$50.99
Executive6 months$80.99
Annual1 year$150.99
Monthly1 month$18.99
Lifetime SubscriptionNo limit$500



This IPTV ranks no.1 in this listing of the best IPTV for the Netherlands in terms of channel collection. The number of channels it offers is humongous and, at the same time, unbelievable for the price it charges. You won’t believe you can watch nearly 1,60,000 TV channels but that’s the fact, and you can avail of VOD movies and series additionally. The IPTV carries content for every age group, from kids to adults, in 4K, UHD & HD quality. Netherlanders can pick IPTV Wide without any hesitation. If you aren’t getting the expected channels, you can get back your subscription amount within 7 days of purchase.

Popular Genres: Sports, General & Kids’ Entertainment, News & Adult.

Compatible Devices: Android (Android, LG & Samsung) Smart TVs, iOS, Windows, Mac, Mag, Firestick.

Payment Methods: PayPal, debit, and credit card payments are accepted.

Key Features of IPTV Wide

  • It has lots of kids & family oriented channels
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Antifreeze system
  • Catchup facility
  • Offers EPG

Subscription Plans

1 month€12
3 months€25
6 months€40
1 year€65



Turk IPTV is a Turkey-based IPTV service that streams 17,000+ TV channels from various countries, including the Netherlands. In addition, there is a stupendous collection of series, movies, and celebrity concerts on this IPTV that ranges around  13,000 titles. It is sure that you’ll get all the latest movies within a few days of their release, along with some noteworthy classics in its library. The IPTV is distributed through its APK and is suitable mainly for Android-based streaming devices. The service is reliable as this IPTV is prevailing for 5+ years.

Popular Genres: Sports, Entertainment, Documentaries, Adult & Kids’ shows.

Compatible Devices: Android, Firestick, Smart TV, Mac, Windows, Kodi.

Payment Methods: Accepts payment through credit and debit cards.

Key Features of Turk IPTV

  • Freeze free streaming
  • Full HD broadcasting
  • Completely ad-free

Subscription Plans

3 months€60
6 months€85
12 months€125



WorldTVFlex is the conclusion of this listing of the best IPTV for the Netherlands. This IPTV can also be added to the category of cost-effective IPTV service. But the IPTV is known for offering more compared to its price. More than 21,000 channels and a huge VOD section with 80,000 movies and TV shows are available within the IPTV in 4K, FHD, HD & SD quality. You can also get major sports and PPV events without any tethering issues. The IPTV also showers flexible subscription plans that are suitable for single as well as family users. Aren’t these enough for a user to have a peaceful watch time?

Popular Genres: Entertainment, News, Sports, Movies and more.

Compatible Devices: Android (TV & mobile), Apple devices, Kodi, Windows, Firestick, MAG.

Payment Methods: Credit card and PayPal.

Key Features of WorldTVFlex

  • Separate packages for NBA, NHL, NFL
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers multiple connections
  • Antifreeze technology
  • EPG support

Subscription Plans

Individual Plans

1 month$11.99
3 months$23.99
6 months$29.99
12 months$49.99
24 months$79.99

Family Plans

12 Months

No of ConnectionsCost

24 Months

No of ConnectionsCost


Should I have to set up a VPN while accessing IPTV in the Netherlands?

Yes. Connecting to sturdy VPNs like ExpressVPN & NordVPN is necessary while streaming IPTV, no matter where you live. Because it helps hide your IPTV address and prevents various legal and device safety issues.

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