We all know the impact of IPTV services and their global reach. Currently, there are thousands of IPTV services available in every country and it is difficult to compare each service and choose the appropriate provider. For the people out there Peru For those wondering how to choose the best IPTV, we have picked out the five best IPTV services in your region. Go through and choose the one whose aspects suit you best.

Why Choose IPTV Over Satellite/Cable Services?

IPTV services are available at a very affordable price low price as satellite and cable services, which helps you Save hundreds of dollars. The satellite/cable service only allows you to receive TV channels. But in IPTV services you can enjoy thousands of VOD contents such as: Films, seriesand also PPV events, together with Live television Channels. In addition, their accessibility is widespread on a variety of devices other than the TV, such as: Smartphones, computers, etc.

What IPTV compatible devices are there?

Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Firestick, Kodi, MAG, Enigma 2, Roku and Formuler are the most popular streaming devices compatible with IPTV services. Many other devices can also support IPTV access, but the devices mentioned are the primary devices.

List of the best IPTV providers in Peru

  • NA – Not available
  • UD – Undisclosed

Nordic IPTV

Nordic IPTV

People in Peru who are looking for one trustworthy IPTV should choose Nordic IPTV. Since then it has been an established IPTV service 2012 with a combination of ultimate features and a great channel collection. You can do more than see 13,000 live TV channels And 50,000 VOD content like films and series of different categories. The great thing about this IPTV is that it sorts the channels by country, and there is also a separate section for Peru. So you can be sure that you have all of Peru’s top channels at your fingertips.

Popular genres: Infotainment, general and children’s entertainment, sports and more.

Compatible devices: All Android and Apple devices, Windows, Firestick, Formuler, Kodi, LG and Samsung Smart TVs.

Payment Methods: PayPal, credit and debit card payments are accepted.

Key features of Nordic IPTV

  • Provides an electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Has subtitle for any VOD content
  • Catch up & time shift Furnishings
  • Antifreeze technology

Subscription Plans

To planPrice
1 month25€/185DKK
3 months75 €/ 555 DKK
12 months300€



IPTVAWARD is the best choice if you have access to a wide selection of high quality Peruvian channels and an extensive collection of VOD content. IPTVAWARD is one of the most famous IPTV services in Peru 10,000 To 17,000 live channels in several qualities such as 4K/FHD/HD And SD. But the VOD offering is even more extensive and you can enjoy streaming 52,000+ Films, seriesAnd PPV (pay-per-view) events. Content from premium platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+ are also included. IPTVAWARD rewards you with the advantage of watching your favorite live programs on your own schedule catch up Special feature.

Popular genres: Sports, Movies, News, Entertainment and more.

Compatible devices: Firestick, Android TV & Mobile, iOS, Mac etc.

Payment Methods: Pay with PayPal, Bitcoins, Cryptocurrencies and Credit/Debit Cards.

Key Features of IPTVAWARD

  • Offers Over 20 packages for VOD
  • Will be updated regularly
  • Included 3D Films
  • No buffering/delay

Subscription Plans


1 month€9.99
3 months€19.99
6 months€29.99
1 year€49.99


1 month€19.99
3 months€29.99
6 months€39.99
1 year€59.99


1 month€29.99
3 months€39.99
6 months€49.99
1 year€69.99

Bulldog IPTV

Bulldog IPTV

It’s rare to find an IPTV service that can beat Bulldog IPTV in terms of cleanliness and top-notch service. Bulldog IPTV, also known as Bulldog Streams IPTV, is a unique IPTV provider that expands its service to many countries including Peru. This IPTV is different from other IPTV services on the market in many ways, and you get one APK File for access after subscription. So Android-using Peruvians can opt for it. There will be no shortage of content offerings as you can broadcast 7,500 channels Over 26,000 filmss, and 2,200 TV series. Feel free to stream them all 4K Ultra HD visual and Dolby Atmos Audio.

Popular genres: Entertainment, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Music, Movies.

Compatible devices: Android (TV & Smartphone), Mac, Windows, Firestick.

Payment Methods: Payments can be made via Amazon gift cards and Interac e-transfers.

Key Features of Bulldog IPTV

  • Includes famous ones PPV Events such as NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and football
  • Weekly channel And VOD updates
  • Offers multiple connections
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Multiscreen Furnishings

Subscription Plans

packageLength of timePrice for 2 devicesPrice for 4 devices
Blue1 month (30 days)$35$60
Green3 months (90 days)$90$127.50
Orange6 months (180 days)$150$240
Purple12 months (360 days)$270$420



FelizIPTV offers 35,000 live TV channels, This includes all important international channels as well as the regional channels of various nations. The channel library contains a significant number of Peruvian channels. IPTV is known for its VOD offerings, whose library is widely available gigantic as the channel library. You can watch 1,20,000 Films & series In multiple languages within its service, and it is a fact verified by real-time users. As a FelizIPTV subscriber, you have no chance of missing out on trending sports and PPV events.

Popular genres: Sports, entertainment, children’s shows, documentaries and more.

Compatible devices: Android, Smart TV, iOS, Apple TV, Firestick, Windows, Mac, MAG, Roku, LG TV, Samsung TV.

Payment Methods: Accepts payments via PayPal and credit/debit cards.

Key Features of FelizIPTV

  • Offers channels with multiple qualities like 4K/FHD/HD/SD
  • TV program (EPG) Support
  • Offers free updates
  • 99.9% uptime

Subscription Plans

1 month$11.99
6 months$34.99
12 months$49.99

Gotvmix IPTV

Gotvmix IPTV

Gotvmix IPTV offers a good mix of everything an IPTV user would expect. A total of over 54,000 channels, films and series are available on IPTV in 4K, UHD and HD quality. With 99.9% server availability, you can stream content 24/7 without interruption. It is also possible to watch live any show or event you missed. There isn’t even any buffering or delays, and switching between channels is also very quick. It can support various streaming devices and all these factors make this IPTV one of the best options for watching TV in Peru.

Popular genres: General and children’s entertainment, news, cooking, music, sports, etc.

Compatible devices: iOS, Apple TV, Android (Mobile & TV), Windows, Roku, Samsung & LG Smart TVs, MAG, Firestick.

Payment Methods: PayPal, debit and credit cards.

Key Features of Gotvmix IPTV

  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • AntiFreeze technology
  • Instant activation
  • Offers EPG

Subscription Plans

1 month12€
3 months25€
6 months40€
1 year65€


Which VPNs are suitable for connecting when streaming IPTV in Peru?

There are many of the best VPNs on the market. But ExpressVPN and NordVPN are easy to set up, robust in operation, and are best for accessing IPTV in Peru.

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