As known, IPTV services are available worldwide, and there are lots of IPTVs that work best for respective countries. The same is the case for the lovely Costa Rica which is a healthy confusion for users. So here we have put forward a list containing the names of the best IPTV services in Costa Rica that’ll help confused buyers to choose the suitable IPTV for their device and budget.

Why Choose IPTV over Satellite/Cable Services?

The ability to cut costs is the main reason why people opt for IPTV services. They are available at a very low cost compared to cable and satellite services. So it is possible to save hundreds of dollars. The next important reason is cord-cutting capacity. You are free to access it on different variety of devices apart from televisions, like smartphones, computers, etc. Apart from TV channels, you are gifted with PPV events and shows as well as VOD content like movies & series for the same cost, which is impossible in cable/satellite services.

What are the IPTV Compatible Devices?

IPTV services can be accessed on any streaming device running different operating systems. Some of the mainstream devices include Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Firestick, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV, MAG box, Enigma 2, NVIDIA Shield, Kodi, Formular, etc.

List of Best IPTV Services in Costa Rica

IPTV NameNo. of ChannelsBasic SubscriptionFree TrialNo. of ConnectionWebsite Link
Clean IPTV20,000$10NA3Click here
Media TV6,000$10NA1Click here
IPTV Wide 1,60,000€12NA1Click here
2Playtv17,000$12NA1Click here
ChillIPTV19,000$9.9924 hours1Click here
Eternal IPTV18,560$1048 hours1Click here
IPTV Premium54,000+€924 hours1Click here
IPTV MasterPlay2,800$8.78Available
1Click here
The IPTV King18,000€9.99NA1Click here
Glatt IPTV19,000€1124 hours1Click here
  • NA – Not available
  • UD – Undefined

Clean IPTV

Clean IPTV in Costa Rica

It is rare to pick a listing containing the best IPTV services for a country without Clean IPTV‘s name. It is one of the magnanimous IPTV providers in Costa Rica that carries channels in 110 languages which no other IPTV service can offer. So it is possible to bring worldwide content to your living room. You can enjoy more than 20,000+ live TV channels and a wide range of VOD demand which includes 55,000+ movies, 14,000+ series, and pay-per-view (PPV). All of its holdings are in HD, FHD, and 4K quality without any buffering or lags.

Popular Genres: Kids’ shows, Movies, News, Sports, Science, etc.,

Compatible Devices: All Android & Apple devices, Windows, Mac, MAG, Enigma2, Firestick, LG & Samsung Smart TVs.

Payment Methods: Only PayPal payments are accepted.

Key Features of Clean IPTV

  • High stable bitrates
  • Provides multiple connections
  • Has 100+ strong servers across the world
  • Offers EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support

Subscription Plans

Duration1 Connection2 Connections3 Connections
1 month$10$17$25
3 months$24$44$65
6 months$44$82$99
1 year$75$125$140

Media TV

Media TV in Costa Rica

Media TV is an IPTV service based in Costa Rica. It is a high-quality IPTV service that’ll offer you all the best native channels of Costa Rica in 4K quality, along with a good selection of international channels. There is a total of 6,000 live TV channels available within its service. The IPTV is best suited for cinephiles as a huge collection of 20,000 movies available in HD quality. 1,000+ series and PPV content can also be watched. Its VOD library includes content from premium streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & Paramount as well.

Popular Genres: Sports, Culture, News, Entertainment and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, PC, Smart TV, Windows, Mac, Firestick and Roku.

Payment Methods: Accepts credit and debit card payments.

Key Features of Media TV

  • Includes PPV content
  • Has EPG channel guide
  • Supports 4K quality streaming
  • Allows requesting movies and series

Subscription Plans

1 month$20
3 months$22
1 year$80


IPTV Wide in Costa Rica

IPTV Wide is a stupendous IPTV service that has an unbelievable collection of channels. In this listing of the best IPTV for Costa Rica, IPTV Wide overtakes all the other IPTV services in terms of channel offerings. Its channel library comprises 1,60,000 channels which are unobtainable from any other IPTV service that too for this price. There exists a VOD library with movies and series in 4K, UHD, and HD quality as well. You won’t miss the live telecasts of any of your favorite live programs, as its catchup feature will come to your aid.

Popular Genres: Adult, General & Kids’ Entertainment, News, Sports.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, MAG, Firestick, Android, LG & Samsung Smart TVs.

Payment Methods: Only PayPal payments are accepted.

Key Features of IPTV Wide

  • Provides EPG guide
  • 99.9% uptime servers
  • Anti freeze technology
  • 7 Days money back guarantee
  • Offers family and kids-friendly content

Subscription Plans

1 month€12
3 months€25
6 months€40
12 months€65



Here comes the most stable IPTV service in Costa Rica, with more than 10 years of field experience. 2Playtv carries channels from almost all countries of the world, and you’ll get a substantial amount of Costa Rica channels. More than 17,000 channels are available within the IPTV, but you’ll get even more in its VOD library. Its bulky VOD library offers 70,000 movies and 10,000+ series. Famous PPV events in the UK and USA are also included, and there is a special category for F1, Horse Racing, and MotoGP. The IPTV provides a variety of subscription plans for a reasonable price. So movie lovers and series freaks can go for this IPTV blindly.

Popular Genres: Sports, News, Entertainment, and more.

Compatible Devices: All Android & Apple devices, MAG box, Firestick, Samsung, Sony, and LG Smart TVs.

Payment Methods: Pay with credit and debit cards.

Key Features of 2Playtv

  • EPG support
  • Includes PPV events
  • Anti-freezing technology
  • Offers multiple connections
  • Includes content from Netflix

Subscription Plans

Plan NameDuration1 Connection2 Connections3 Connections
Silver1 month$11$20$30
Gold3 months$25$35$50
Platinum6 months$35$50$80
Diamond12 months$50$80$120



ChillIPTV is yet another IPTV service that comes under the category of affordable IPTV services available in Costa Rica. You can get more than 19,000 live TV channels in multiple qualities like HD, FHD & 4K quality. Its channel library categorizes channels based on their countries, and there is a separate section for Costa Rica. Its humongous VOD section comprises 60,000+ movies and series that include content from famous streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO & Disney+. There are separate packages for NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB as well.

Popular Genres: News, Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Documentary, Lifestyle.

Compatible Devices: All Android & iOS devices, Firestick, MAG, Windows, Mac.

Payment Methods: Pay through PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Key Features of ChillIPTV

  • No IP location lock
  • Anti-freeze technology
  • Daily update for content
  • PPV events are included
  • Offers streaming platform content

Subscription Plans

1 month$9.99
3 months$19.99
6 months$34.99
12 months$59.99

Eternal IPTV


Eternal IPTV extends its service to over 90 countries, and Costa Rica is also included in that list. It has been offering a stable service over the years, and that’s why IPTV is brave enough to offer plans for a prolonged duration. Apart from being a reliable IPTV provider, it also stands out in content and features offerings with 18,650 channels and VOD content with 24,800 movies and series in SD, HD, and UHD quality. Moreover, Eternal IPTV is a rapidly functioning IPTV service, thanks to its 50+ strong servers across the globe.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Kids, Music, News, Religion, Sports, etc.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Firestick, Smart TV, Mac, Apple TV, MAG, Kodi, Windows.

Payment Methods: Payment instructions will be provided by phone.

Key Features of Eternal IPTV

  • Provides EPG guide
  • Ensured 99% uptime
  • Comes with a built-in player
  • 500+ dedicated sports channels

Subscription Plans

PlanTime SpanCost
Professional1 month$10
VIP3 months$21
Premium1 year$70

IPTV Premium

IPTV Premium

If you are in search of an IPTV service in Costa Rica that offers more than what you pay for, then you should take a glance at IPTV Premium once. The IPTV allows you to watch more than 54,000 channels and 40,000 VOD for less than $10, which most of the other IPTV services in the market fail to offer in the same price range. You can watch all of its content in 4K, FHD, HD & SD quality, and backups can be taken for whatever you watch. You don’t have to worry if you are missing any of your favorite shows or events’ live telecasts because of the availability of its awesome catchup facility.

Popular Genres: Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Kids’ shows and more.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Apple TV, Smart TV, Firestick.

Payment Methods: PayPal payments are accepted.

Key Features of IPTV Premium

  • EPG support 24/7
  • Has 2000+ sports channels
  • Load balancing & smart routing
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Includes movies and series from all top platforms

Subscription Plans

1 months€9
3 months€25
6 months€39
12 months€49

IPTV MasterPlay

IPTV MasterPlay

IPTV MasterPlay is one of the most prominent IPTV services in the Latin America region. It offers a decent number of channels and VOD content with a good selection of Costa Rican channels. There is a total of 2,800 channels, 15,000 movies, and 1,200 series available within the IPTV. PPV events are also included in it. All the latest released movies and series are added to the VOD library within a few days of their release, and you can enjoy watching them in high quality on any streaming device of your choice. Moreover, you can enjoy the advantage of multiple connections, which is very much laudable for its cost.

Popular Genres: Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Adult and more.

Compatible Devices: Firestick, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Samsung & LG Smart TVs.

Payment Methods: Accepts payments made through PayPal and debit/credit cards.

Key Features of IPTV MasterPlay

  • Smart routers
  • Stable servers
  • Parental control
  • Offers PPV events

Subscription Plans

PlansNo. of ConnectionCost/month
Personal Premium3$10.89
Premium Family3$16.17

The IPTV King

The IPTV King

The IPTV King is a highly recommended IPTV service for the people of Costa Rica as it is one of the wholesome IPTV services available in this region. You can enjoy all of its 18,000 live TV channels without any buffering, and lots of premium channels are available within its channel listing. A VOD library whose holding count is nearly 30,000 is also accessible that too in a variety of streaming qualities like SD, HD, FHD, and 4K. The IPTV ensures a server uptime of 99.99%, so you can load content at high speed and with the utmost picture quality.

Popular Genres: Documentary, Kids, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

Compatible Devices: MAG, Engima2, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Firestick, Apple TV, Smart TV.

Payment Methods: PayPal and debit or credit card payments are accepted.

Key Features of The IPTV King

  • Instant activation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Anti-freezing technology
  • Offers prolonged subscription plans

Subscription Plans

1 month€9.99
3 months€24.99
6 months€39.99
1 year€59.99

Glatt IPTV


It is time to wind up this list of best IPTV services for Costa Rica with a renowned IPTV provider called Glatt IPTV. Glatt IPTV has the potential to impress any user with its impressive interface, which is modish and user-friendly at the same time. The IPTV can be accessed from anywhere in this world, and you don’t require a VPN as it is safe too. You can avail of 19,000 live TV channels and 56,000 VOD content in HD, FHD, and 4K quality. It streams nonstop 24/7 on any of its supported devices, which is a big list. Moreover, installation guides for all those devices are also provided.

Popular Genres: General & kid’s entertainment, Sports, News, Devotional, and more.

Compatible Devices: Smart TVs, Kodi, Windows, Mac, Firestick, Enigma2, Android, iOS.

Payment Methods: Pay through PayPal.

Key Features of Glatt IPTV

  • Easy setup
  • High-speed servers
  • Offers PPV channels and events
  • Includes content from HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

Subscription Plans

1 month€11
3 months€27
6 months€39
12 months€59


Is setting up VPN mandatory while accessing IPTV in Costa Rica?

Yes. Settings up the best VPN is mandatory to mask your IP address and location to tackle legal and device complications. That’s why ExpressVPN and NordVPN are recommended, as they are known for doing this job right over a long time.

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