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The The domain was recently suspended from the EURid registry as the website is currently closed.

Torrentz2 is a popular name in the torrenting and file sharing space. This site originally served as a torrent search engine for various files on the Internet.

Although the original website is inactive, it is important to note that there are some alternative URLs (mirrors) available for Torrentz2, which can be found below.

Similar to sites like Torrent9 and Cpasbien, it is common for Torrentz2 to be temporarily closed.

Therefore, in addition to these mirrors, we have also included a list of the best working Torrentz2 alternatives.

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Best Torrent Sites

All websites in the list below are available for use on PCs, tablets, mobile phones and streaming devices such as Amazon Firestick, which is the most popular streaming device today.

Note: I recommend bookmarking this page to keep you updated on the best Torrentz2 alternatives available. We update this page weekly for your information.

The following list was last updated on Friday, January 26, 2024

Torrentz2 alternatives

Similar to free movie streaming sites and Putlocker alternatives, these Torrentz2 alternative sites sometimes close and change their domains.

At the time of writing this article, all of the websites listed below are currently functional and available for use.

The following websites are evaluated by our experts at tvdarija based on the following criteria:

  • Contents
  • Website traffic
  • Site interface
  • Advertising harassment (scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst)

torrentz2 eu Alternatives Kickass Torrentstorrentz2 eu Alternatives Kickass Torrents

1. Kickass torrents

Kickass Torrents has become one of the most popular torrent sites in the world and is a great alternative to Torrentz2.

Be it movies, TV shows, apps, anime, music or games, you can find it all on this website.

Due to its popularity, Kickass Torrents can sometimes experience interruptions. I suggest checking out our list of Kickass Torrents alternatives if the website is unavailable.

Kickass Torrents Torrentz2 EU Alternatives Kickass Torrents Torrentz2 EU Alternatives

Trouble with advertising:2

Monthly visitors: 7 million

Torrentz2 alternatives etcTorrentz2 alternatives etc


EZTV is a great Torrentz2 alternative that has also undergone several website changes in the past.

EZTV has an excellent user interface and allows users to easily filter movies and TV shows by video quality and more.

Torrentz2 EU alternatives etcTorrentz2 EU alternatives etc

Trouble with advertising:3

Monthly visitors: 30 million

Torrentz2 EU alternatives Pirate BayTorrentz2 EU alternatives Pirate Bay

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is perhaps the most famous website on this list of Torrentz2 alternatives.

With easy site navigation, variety of content, low ad annoyance, and Pirate Bay’s popularity, it’s hard to go wrong with this alternative.

Like Kickass Torrents, we have compiled a list of the best Pirate Bay alternatives as the official website may be down at times.

Pirate Bay Torrentz2 EU Alternatives Pirate Bay Torrentz2 EU Alternatives

Trouble with advertising: 1

Monthly visitors: 25 million

tvdarija TIP: If you use these free torrent websites on Windows PC or Mac, it is highly recommended to protect yourself with Secure Antivirus software.

Troy from tvdarija has created a free antivirus guide that lists the best software and walks you through everything you need to know about antivirus.

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torrentz eu alternatives torrents.iotorrentz eu alternatives

This alternative, originally known as, is a packed all-in-one site that uses other websites to search for files.

Free IPTV trialFree IPTV trial

The site’s elegant interface and search engine features make a must-have alternative to Torrentz2. torrentz eu torrentz eu alternatives

Trouble with advertising: 1

Monthly visitors: 5 million

Torrentz2 EU Alternatives GlotorrentsTorrentz2 EU Alternatives Glotorrents

5. GloTorrents

Although there are several others to choose from, GloTorrents completes our list of Torrentz2 alternatives due to its extensive content library and low advertising effort.

GloTorrents offers thousands of movies, TV shows, games, books, anime shows, software, music, mobile apps and games, images and more.

    Glotorrents Torrentz2 EU Alternatives    Glotorrents Torrentz2 EU Alternatives

Trouble with advertising:2

Monthly visitors: 2 million

MEMORY: When accessing a torrent website to download content, using a VPN is extremely important. Without such an address, you reveal your IP address to innocent bystanders and much more. Be sure to protect yourself with a VPN.

Best VPN for torrenting

Torrentz2 EU details and features is one of the most visited and famous torrent sites in recent is one of the most visited and famous torrent sites in recent years. is one of the most visited and famous torrent sites in recent years.

The website was previously named “Torrentz”, but changed to Torrentz2 in 2016 and continued to function as usual.

Before the shutdown, received millions of daily visitors and was the most used torrent metasearch engine on the Internet.

Unfortunately, this popularity has put Torrentz2 on the radar of copyright holders, who have successfully requested the website be blocked in several countries.

This is why many previous Torrentz2 users have been looking for similar alternatives that we have listed above.

Important NOTE: Note that some of these alternative Torrentz2 websites are full of advertisements and may require accounts. I recommend checking out our popular guides below for more options.

For more detailed information about torrents, I recommend visiting the following articles.

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