SS IPTV is a well-known IPTV player that supports multiple playlist formats including M3U, XSPF, ASX and PLS. It helps you watch IPTV channels and provides the ability to import and export playlists. This IPTV player has a simple user interface. Unfortunately, SS IPTV player is not available on Play Store. So you have to use the standalone APK file to install the app on Android devices. You can also install the app on the LG TV directly from the LG Content Store.

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Key Features of SS IPTV

Free to download and useIt can create one favourite list
Supports good quality StreamingIt offers Parental control function
Supports Adaptation of the interface parametersSupports the electronic program guide (EPG)

Why choose SS IPTV Player?

IPTV players like SS IPTV are the medium for watching IPTV services. They do not provide content or channels but help stream that content provided through IPTV services. SS IPTV is convenient to use and offers practical functions so that users can improve their streaming. In addition, it is accessible on various devices and can manage playlists various IPTV services in one device.

How safe is SS IPTV Player?

IPTV players are risk free because they don’t provide their content. So you don’t have to worry Legal issues, tracking or data theft. However, make sure you are safe online VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN while enjoying the playlists of various IPTV services within the IPTV player app. A VPN is also used Unblock geo-restrictions and stream content not available in your region.


Cost of SS IPTV

SS IPTV IPTV player allows adding multiple playlists and streaming all IPTV services without charging. A big advantage of this player is that it offers a free service on various devices.

SS IPTV supported devices

SS IPTV player supports the following listed devices. It is available as an APK on many trusted websites. So all you have to do is simply download the APK. Each device has a separate installation process, which we discuss in detail.

Compatible devices from SS IPTV

How to Install SS IPTV on Android

To install SS IPTV on your Android phone/tablet, you need to download the APK file of the IPTV player. The next steps serve as instructions.

[1] Open the APPS section on your Android smartphone and long press Google Chrome.

[2] Choose The information and click Chrome settings.

[3] Activate The Allow from this source Install Unknown Apps option.

Enable “Allow from this source.”

[4] Download the SS IPTV APK from a trusted source.

[5] After downloading, To install the SS IPTV APK.

[6] Now start the app on your Android smartphone.

How to Get SS IPTV on Firestick

To install an APK on your Firestick device, a sideloading tool is required. So here we are using ES File Explorer to install SS IPTV player. Here you find out how this works.

[1] Find the Firestick home screen by pressing Home Button.

[2] Choose Search icon and search ES File Explorer.

Select the “Search” option.

[3] Find the app and click Download to install the app.

Download ES File Explorer

[4] After installing ES File Explorer, return to the Home Menu and go to Settings → My Fire TV Options.

[5] Select the Developer options and then click Install unknown apps.

[6] Then select ES File Explorer and turn it on.

[7] Launch ES File Explorer and select the file Tools → Download manager Options.

Tools > Download Manager” class=”wp-image-10662″ style=”width:564px;height:319px”  /></figure></div><p>[8]    Press the key<strong> +New </strong>at the bottom of the screen.</p><div class=

[9] Enter that SS IPTV player in Name feed and that IPTV Player APK Download link on the Path feed.

[10] Choose Download now Click the button and wait for the download to complete.

Download now

[11] Click open file and that To install Possibility.

open file

[12] After installation, Start the app on your Firestick device.

How to Download SS IPTV on Windows PC and Mac

Installing this IPTV player on Windows PCs and Macs is only possible using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

[1] Start a browser and download the SS IPTV APK File from a reliable source.

[2] Open this BlueStacks official website.

[3] Press that Download Option to download emulator installation file.

[4] Choose To install option and click Open start BlueStacks.

[5] register to the app Google account credentials.

Sign in to BlueStacks

[6] Choose Install APK option and select the IPTV Player APK file on your PC.

Install APK

[7] Press that To install Option to set up SS Player on your PC.

How to Install SS IPTV on Smart TV

This IPTV player is also compatible with Smart TVs. Since it’s not available in any app store, we have to do it Side load its APK file to stream IPTV services using the following methods:

[1] Download the SS Player APK file on your PC and copy it to one USB drive.

[2] Connect the USB drive to your Smart TV.

[3] Navigate to Settings option on your TV and select Device settings.

[4] Choose Security and restrictions and activate it Unknown sources Possibility.

Enable Unknown Sources

[5] After this step, move the APK file from the USB stick to the TV File manager and install it.


[6] Click Open to start the app.

How to Install SS IPTV on LG Smart TV

Luckily, as mentioned, the SS app is available on the LG Smart TV content store. You can download the app on your LG Smart TV by following the steps below.

[1] Turn that on LG Smart TV with an internet connection and go to Home screen.

[2] Choose LG Content Store and search SS IPTV.

Install SS IPTV app on LG TV

[3] Click To install to download the app from the LG Content Store on your LG TV.

[4] Click begin to open the IPTV player app.

How to stream IPTV with SS IPTV Player

After installing SS Player on your Android phone/tablet, Firestick, Smart TV, PC and LG Smart TV, we activate it to add the playlist of any IPTV service to stream its content.

The IPTV player offers two Methods for adding playlists. You can also add a playlist

  • Through shortcut (external playlist) or
  • Through non-permanent access code (internal playlist)

[1] Choose Settings option in IPTV player.

[2] Press that Contents Section External playlists.


[3] Choose Add button.and enter a playlist title and your name M3U URL of IPTV shortcut in the appropriate fields.

[4] Press that Save Option to load playlist.


To Load a playlist via a non-permanent access code

[1] Choose Settings → Generally Options.

[2] Press that Retrieve code Button.


[3] Visit the SS IPTV player website from any Web browser.

[4] Enter that code in the appropriate field and click Add Device Possibility.


[5] Once connected, click Save to upload your playlist.

[6] When you open the IPTV player app, you can use your internal playlist at My playlist Title.

Customer service

You can use this to receive customer support from the player’s developers Forum tab. on your website. In addition to forum support, there are also other support options such as email and live chat. Since it is just an IPTV player, there will be no access issues. If you encounter the problem of SS IPTV not working, try it Troubleshooting Methods like Reinstall the player app on your device.

Alternatives for SS IPTV Player

Although SS Player offers several features that ensure a smooth streaming experience, there are still several IPTV media player options available to you. You can read about the features and functions in the following sections.


GT IPTV player

GT IPTV is an IPTV media player that allows streaming IPTV provider content without complicated processes. This player allows users to access it HD And UHD high-quality media content. However, GT IPTV does not have an official Play Store or App Store app. All you need to do is install the app directly on larger devices using the APK file from the official website.



Room IPTV player is a easy to use IPTV player This offers a variety of impressive features that enhance your viewing experience. The player supports all common devices and enables IPTV access via your streaming device M3U URL shortcut And MAC address. Room IPTV can be installed on Android devices directly from the Play Store.

IPTV Extreme Player

IPTV Extreme Player

IPTV Extreme Player allows you to access channels from multiple IPTV services in one place. It supports inflow 4K/UHD, HDAnd SD Quality without buffer problems. Users need to add M3U links to stream IPTV content using this player. It also allows users Record live TV shows and stream them later. You can use it APK file to install this on their Android devices.


1. Can I install SS IPTV on iOS devices?

You cannot install the SS IPTV app on iOS devices as it is not available on the App Store.

2. Is SS IPTV available on Samsung Smart TV?

No, it is not currently available on Samsung Smart TV.

Our test report on the SS IPTV Player

Overall, the SS IPTV player is robust in its performance and packed with many user-oriented features. Since it is available for free, anyone except users with Xtream Codes API playlists can opt for it.

  1. Be free

  2. Compatibility with major streaming devices

  3. Multiple playlist support

  4. Offers parental controls

  5. Comes with a favorites list

Needs to be improved
  1. Does not support the Xtream Codes API

  2. Not available for Apple devices

  3. Slight complications during activation

  4. Absence in Google Play Store

  • User reviews (0 Voices)


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