SET IPTV is an application like Smart IPTV available in the Smart TV store for Samsung (Tizen OS), LG (Web OS) and also for Android devices with direct loading rights (not available in Play Store).

The features of the SET IPTV application:

  • Easy configuration.
  • Encoder for video recordings.
  • Supports Xtream Codes method plus M3U.

Configuration methods for SET IPTV

Method with lien m3u:

1 – After completing the installation, open the SET IPTV application and you can search the MAC address on the screen.

2 – All about your navigator and ouvrez the lien: Enter the MAC address of your application in the MAC TV.

3 – Choose the method Playlist link Copy your M3U lien that you received in your pocket m3u URL.

4 – Enable the captcha (I am not a robot) and click on the button Send (Envoy in English). Select your new TV and retune IPTV to access the list of channels and VOD.

Steps to configure SET IPTV

Method using Xtream codes:

As with the first method (using m3u-Lien), follow the same stages (1, 2, 4 and 5) and click on the three stages Information about Xtream codes To complete the Champs with your subscription details.

Configuration SET IPTV with Xtream codes

Activation of SET IPTV

SET IPTV offers 7 days of free first-time use. Ensuite, you have to pay 15 euros per week to enjoy your life. Activation of SET IPTV is carried out through the application developer’s website and you can issue the lien directly:

What questions and answers about SET IPTV

Do you want to tune in to IPTV without loading the EPG?

To top up the EPG information, you need to configure your subscription using the Xtream Codes method.

Can I use an external editor instead of the default editor?

I just couldn’t find an external editor for SET IPTV.

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