Net IPTV application is an alternative to Smart IPTV. It is an application developed with good performance and a stable reading codec.

NET IPTV is available for all SAMSUNG 2016 (Tizen OS) and LG (WebOS) Smart TVs. It is also available for all Android, iOS and Fire Stick devices, which you can find in the Play Store or directly via download.

Features of Net IPTV

Net IPTV is a source IPTV application that allows you to download an M3U reading list and diffuser on your Smart TV. These are the following features:

  • You invite m3u’s liens.
  • You can access additional lists (Liens m3u).
  • It offers a best search option.
  • You can add a chain to your favorites list.
  • They load the subtitles and languages ​​of the available stream.

How can I configure a NET IPTV subscription?

1 – After installation, launch the application to find your Mac address. If it doesn’t appear on the Interphase, click the red button to check the box.


2 – Once you have retrieved your Mac account address, please follow this link:

3 – On your website page, enter the Mac address of your NET IPTV application, confirm the captcha and click on it Add list.

Configuration NET IPTV

4 – On the next page, collect your m3u lien and click “Add List”. If you’re looking for an “Update” button this month, that’s because you already have a list on your application.

Note that it is quite possible to broadcast just four playlists (using m3u) via the NET IPTV application.

Integration of m3u into NET IPTV

5 – The final step is to use your Smart TV to use your NET IPTV application and load the playlist. You can also enter the number 0 on the remote control to refresh the list and recharge.

Activation of NET IPTV

The NET IPTV application is not free, but they have offered a 7-day attachment. After the reporting period ends, you can continue use by activating two plans.

  • 24 months (2 years) for €5.79.
  • Available unlimited for €13.79

Voici le lien direct vers la page l’activation:

To activate your application, select one of the two packages and accept the activation and payment conditions (in English: I accept the activation and payment conditions of Net ipTV). Then enter your email address and the Mac address of your NET IPTV application. Do not click on the captcha before clicking “Click to Pay”.

On the payment page, re-enter and confirm the requested information to complete the activation process.

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