remark : The Duplex Play application no longer exists in the stores of all our clothing and can no longer be activated if you need to use it in addition. If your license expires, you will need to compare it with another application. We recommend SET IPTV or FLIX IPTV.

Due to the existence of additional websites on the Internet or with unauthorized companies that are not used under the name (DuplexPlay) to promote and sell their products/content, who has deprived the end users and left them wondering what We as sellers of your products/content, we have taken the following measures:

We have completed the sale of new DuplexPlay activations (new licenses).

Duplex Play official website:

The Duplex Play (formerly Duplex IPTV) application may not be particularly popular because it is used by other well-connected devices such as Smart STB, Smart IPTV… but you don’t know that this application can provide a good quality flow with the best performance in a tampon Reminder is possible because it gives the customer the opportunity to use all functions.

We tested Duplex Play and its good functioning with our IPTV service. We recommend recommending this application for LG or Samsung Smart TV users.

Important features of Duplex Play

The most important functions are:

  1. Lists preferred multiples.
  2. Supports EPG.
  3. Zap quickly.
  4. A quick look at the chain list.
  5. Price with audio content and subtitles.
  6. Parental controls.
  7. And one more addition…

Installing Duplex Play

The Duplex Play application is available for numerous usage systems and various devices:

remark : To recommend this application for Smart TV, read this article for Android devices.

Configuration of IPTV and Duplex Play

The following steps to configure your IPTV subscription for Duplex Play:

1. After installing the application, open it and enter the device ID and device key for the device.

2. On your PC, your mobile phone or any other device you need to access a navigator, enter the following address

3. Enter the Device ID and Device Key, confirm Humanity Control, and click Manage Device.

Connection for duplex playback

4. If everything goes well, you should refer to the assembly plan for your device. You can add your IPTV lecture list and few clicks.

Paneau de gestion duplex playback

5. Follow two methods to complete your subscription:

  • Add playlist : You must record the liens on your subscription.
Method for playing a duplex playlist
  • Add XC playlist : You are probably familiar with this method, which is to disassemble the server’s lien, take the user’s name and pass it. Everything about IPTV Smarters or GSE SMART IPTV…
Method for duplex playback of Xtream codes (XC).

6. If you want to protect your playlist from unwanted changes (this is not necessary because you know about it right now), close the Protect This Playlist case and enter a code.

7. Confirm Humanity Verification and contact Enregistrer. The list of lectures has been added accordingly.

8. Return to the TV and go to the Duplex Play application or click OK. Your lecture list will appear with the name “Donné”.

Activation of the Duplex Play application

Duplex Play is free for 7 days, after this period you will have to pay a small week to activate the application. Six months activation for $0.99 and a $1.99 fee.

  1. Click on the activation button.
  2. We have two options here: “Renouveler pour cet appareil” and “Renouveler pour another appareil”. If you want to activate the same clothes you want to use, click “Renewer” to get that clothes.
  3. If you want to pay by card or PayPal, select your subscription form (six months or one year) and click on the “Achat” button.

Then you can start with a Windows 10 device and announce the next steps:

  1. You will receive the following liens on your computer: Search Duplex Play in the Microsoft Store to install the installer directly.
  2. Sur l’écran d’accueil, ouvrez [Activation].
  3. Choisissez [Renouveler pour un autre appareil / Renew for other device].
  4. Release your TV’s device ID and key
  5. Choose an activation type (6 or 12 months) and confirm the process.

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