Smart STB is one of the first and best applications that can be installed on the Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, etc. You have the opportunity to access IPTV services supported by a portal such as MAG-Boys, including all the features that you can get from MAG-Boys and the portal.

Features of the Smart STB application

  • Plate base on the MAG 250.
  • List direct chain categorization.
  • List of videos categorized as needed.
  • Supports the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Program symbols (picons).
  • Mise en mémoire tampon rapide des Canaux.

Activation of the training period for Smart STB

Smart STB like other IPTV applications on Smart TV offers a period of 7 days to start premiering automatically after you install it and install it on your TV.

You can take a new period of 7 days and log in to your website. This also applies to the competition in which you have chosen a paid license to continue using it after the end of the reporting period.

Want to add a portal lien for Smart STB?

Just recently, all you need to do is take a look at the following steps:

Step 1: Once you have installed the application on your TV, you will have to choose the 10-digit code that will appear on your screen. In principle, the QR code is displayed as shown in the following image:

Pledge of the portal on Smart STB

Step 2: Then scan the QR code to display it directly on the lien displayed on the screen ( or on a navigation device, and paste the lien completely with the 10 ciphers.

Note that you only need to rely on the liens and only enter the 10 ciphers:

Step 3: On the page you are currently viewing, you have received some champions. Enter a name in “Portal 1 Name” and use the “Portal 1 URL” to transfer the liens to the user sent by the portal and registered.

Step 4: After logging in again, log in to your TV and refer to the application. If not, you need to look at the charging bar and charging list, and you need to see the chain bouquets on the party TV page.

And voilà, it’s quick and easy, because in just a few steps you can complete your subscription and benefit from the service.

Important : Once you have your command, you must provide us with your virtual MAC address (Virtual MAC Address: 00:1A:79: …) after authorizing access to our portal and uploading your application to the list.

Price of Smart STB licenses

To activate the Smart STB application with a license that is paid for free after 7 days, you have two types of licenses available: Lite or Full.

Licenses can be monthly (paid every year), annual (paid every year) or lifetime (paid once).

Check out the pricing table displayed on this website:

Prix ​​licenses Smart STB

To learn more about the characteristics of each license type, we invite you to visit the next page:


I modified the TV so that I need to check everything and add a license?

With the Smart STB application it is quite possible to transfer the license to the new phone after configuring your subscription, but you must receive the license FULL.

The Premiere immediately chose to install Smart STB on the new screen to get the Software ID and access your Space client to get the transfer option (License Transfer) and you now need the Software ID Application to complete the procedure.

When you’re done, exit the application and check if you already have the same virtual Mac address (00:1A:79: …) that you have on the Premiere that you sent to your provider. If she is unable to bypass the case, she will not be responsible for the list and you will have to contact your supplier so that they can change the address with the new one.

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