Live NetTV is a free IPTV service provider for streaming live TV channels and on-demand videos. Users can also learn about their favorite sports good quality. This IPTV has stable servers provide Buffer-free streaming for the users. But the problem of it not working is known in IPTV services including Live NetTV. It happens because of Technical problems And Server problems. However, you can fix this problem by trying the common and standard troubleshooting methods.

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Live NetTV – Compatible devices

It is a Android based IPTV service and can be installed and accessed on the following listed devices.

Live NetTV compatible devices: Android, Smart TV.  Firestick, Windows, Mac

Live NetTV does not work – problems and possible reasons

problemsPossible reasons
Black and white screen problemUsing the Live NetTV app in his old version will cause such problems.
Excess cache memory saved on your streaming device can also be a reason.
The app cannot be openedSoftware Hardware problems on your Streaming device cause this problem.
Another reason is this Unexplained cache on the Live NetTV app and that Streaming device.
Audio/video is not playingThese problems mainly occur poor internet speed or a Expired Internet to plan.
It also happens due to temporary problems on the streaming device.
Certain events cannot be streamedThis issue occurs when you try to stream sports events or games that are unwatchable outside select regions. This is known as Geo-restriction.
ISP restrictions are the other possible factors for this problem.

Solutions to Live NetTV Not Working Problem

If you encounter any of the above issues while accessing Live NetTV, resolve it by following the steps below Troubleshooting techniques One after the other and check if your problem is solved.

Check the speed and validity of the internet connection

The primary troubleshooting method is to check the internet connection on your streaming device. Because mostly a Slow internet Speed ​​is one reason for this Live Net TV is loading And doesn’t work Output. So first, check The speed from you Internet Connection.

Internet speed

If the speed test shows an internet connection speed that is not sufficient to then access Live Net TV start anew your routers or one of your internet sources. After restarting, access the Live NetTV app and try streaming again.

If you still can’t access the IPTV content, that’s probably why Internet plan could have Expired. So check The Validity period your internet tariff and charge immediately when it’s over.

If you have an active internet plan, contact your internet service provider (ISP) and report the problem. They provide troubleshooting tips or help you directly solve the problem. If there is a problem from the ISP side, you will have to wait and try streaming later after the problem is resolved.

This solution works for:

  • Audio/video is not playing
  • Black and white screen problem

Enable a VPN

Live NetTV streams safely domestic leagues And games which are in native or accessible selected regions. If you are outside of these regions, the geo-restriction will block your streaming and you will not be able to use Live NetTV.

To solve this problem and get the Live NetTV app working, simply enable a VPN Connection. Using a VPN will load all events into Live NetTV and solve your operational problems. We recommend trying the best VPN for IPTV streaming like NordVPN and ExpressVPN if you encounter the Live NetTV not working issue.

NordVPN and ExpressVPN

This solution works for:

  • Certain events cannot be streamed

Relaunch and update the Live NetTV app


Sometimes the app misbehaves for unknown reasons temporary software problems on the app. Restart, also known as Restart The Live NetTV app will mostly solve the problem.

If you can’t access it even after rebooting, it’s better uninstall the app from your streaming device and reinstall It. This will remove the problematic elements in your IPTV app or make it easier to install new version the Live NetTV app with improved performance.

This solution works for:

  • The app cannot be opened
  • Black and white screen problem
  • Audio/video is not playing

Restart the streaming device and update it

The next troubleshooting method is: Restart your streaming device. If this doesn’t work, updating your device’s firmware is the last thing you need to do when Live NetTV isn’t working. Maybe there is excess cache are stored or you use old firmware on your device. This can sometimes lead to Live NetTV not working and also other complications such as: remained behind And Cyber ​​attacks.

So To update your Streaming device immediately when a newer software update is available. Most likely Live NetTV will work by updating the device.

Update streaming device

This solution works for:

  • The app cannot be opened
  • Black and white screen problem
  • Audio/video is not playing

Change the streaming device

If restarting and updating the Live NetTV app and streaming device doesn’t work, this is what you need to do Try it with the app on the other devices. If it works, the problem is with the device you were previously using. But the service doesn’t work on other devices either. It could be Live NetTV server problem.

Therefore, check the server status of Live NetTV with Third Party Websites And Social media sites. If you find that the server is down, you will have to wait for it to boot up because no one will be able to use the service if it is down.

Contact the developers

If you have tried all of the above troubleshooters one by one and still cannot solve the Live NetTV not working issue, then proceed to this action. Most of the time, all four troubleshooting techniques mentioned above produce a positive result. If not, definitely problem is from IPTV service Provider side.

If Live NetTV doesn't work, contact the developers

So contact them and report your problem to them. Her contact details, like website link[and[and[und[andE-mail addressare mentioned in their Play Store app description at Contact the developer Section. You will receive a response as quickly as possible regarding actions or instructions to resolve the issue.


1. Is Live Net TV free and safe?

Yes, Live Net TV can be streamed for free. Also, it is completely safe as the application is officially available on the Google Play Store.

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